Need a Vehicle Recovered?

STEALTH Can Find It!

Stealth Auto Recovery is a repossession/recovery company headquartered in Columbus, the heart of Ohio, thus allowing a naturally strong service coverage to the city and areas of Franklin county, central Ohio and surrounding areas. We've served central Ohio since 1999. 

Our company has provided repossession services to many financial institutions locally and regionally for the last two decades. We pride ourselves on having the desire and drive to provide a professional, dependable and individualized service, that is second-to-none to our clients.

Our employees are trained to the highest level of customer service, working with all our stakeholders e.g., the client, the debtor, the management, each other etc. In addition, they are well versed with the State and Federal Repossession/Recovery laws.

The STEALTH Difference

Our Field Agents are professionally trained, and committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We lean toward over-communication, with your first update within 24 hours and on whatever interval you need.

We use the latest technology, with GPS and Recovery Database Network (RDN) scanning systems that automates the process in real time.

Our Word is EVERYTHING. We stand by it, and do what we say we will do.

We are pleased to make all the information you need (including a recovery assignment order form should you require it) at your fingertips in one simple, downloadable packet.

No Cost to You To Give Us a Try | No Close Fees | Free Storage Up to 10 Days

The STEALTH Mission:

Reliability, with speed, professionalism and quality that provides our clients with the repossession and recovery service that they need and want.